Gather Town

NEW: The map of the Gather Town room for the vitural posters is available now!

Gather Town
The map of gather town. The posters are:
1. Knowledge Base Question Answering: A Semantic Parsing Perspective
2. Bending the Future: Autoregressive Modeling of Temporal Knowledge Graphs in Curvature-Variable Hyperbolic Spaces
3. Generative Multi-hop Retrieval
4. KAMEL: Knowledge Analysis with Multitoken Entities in Language Models
5. Building Knowledge Graphs of Experientially Related Concepts
6. Open-World Taxonomy and Knowledge Graph Co-Learning
7. Schema-Guided Event Graph Completion
8. A Study of Zero-shot Adaptation with Commonsense Knowledge
9. ArcaneQA: Dynamic Program Induction and Contextualized Encoding for Knowledge Base Question Answering
10. Decoupling Knowledge from Memorization: Retrieval-augmented Prompt Learning
11. DeepKE: A Deep Learning Based Knowledge Extraction Toolkit for Knowledge Base Population
12. Commonsense Knowledge Salience Evaluation with a Benchmark Dataset in E-commerce
13. Towards Realistic Low-resource Relation Extraction: A Benchmark with Empirical Baseline Study