June X-Y 2020

Knowledge Base Construction

Knowledge gathering, representation, and reasoning are among the fundamental challenges of artificial intelligence. Large-scale repositories of knowledge about entities, relations, and their abstractions are known as “knowledge bases”. Most major technology companies now have substantial efforts in knowledge base construction, and related scholarly work spans many research areas, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, information integration, databases, search, data mining, knowledge representation, human computation, human-computer interfaces, and fairness. The AKBC conference serves as a research forum for all these areas, in both academia and industry.

Fairly New Conference

Nearly ten years after the first AKBC workshop in Grenoble, France, last year AKBC became a conference, and was held in Amherst, MA. Why a new stand-alone conference?

Latest news

Sep 2019 : Call for Papers released

Key Dates

February 6, 2020, Thursday: Abstracts due (Midnight PST)
February 13, 2020, Thursday: Paper submission deadline (Midnight PST)
April 20, 2020, Monday: Conference notification
June X-Y, 2019, Monday-Tuesday: Conference, UC Irvine, CA
June Z, 2019, Wednesday: Workshops, UC Irvine, CA

Previous Workshops

AKBC 2017 at NIPS 2017, Long Beach

AKBC 2016 at NAACL 2016, San Diego

AKBC 2014 at NIPS 2014, Montreal

AKBC 2013 at CIKM 2013, San Francisco

AKBC-WEKEX 2012 at NAACL 2012, Montreal

AKBC 2010 in Grenoble