May 22, Day 3

Morning: 8:30am - 12pm

  • Scientific Literature Knowledge Bases - Old Chapel, Great Hall
    Keith Hall (Google), Waleed Ammar (AI2), Zack Ives (UPenn), Hoifung Poon (MSR), Karin Verspoor (U Melbourne)
    Invited speakers: Iris Shen (Microsoft Research), Dina Demner-Fushman (NLM/NIH), Lucy Wang (AI2), Julia Lane (New York University)
    Goal: explore the development and use of knowledge bases which capture important findings found in the scientific literature, and bring together researchers from diverse fields who are interested in the development of Scientific Literature KBs.

  • Knowledge Bases and Multiple Modalities - Integrated Learning Center (ILC) room S231
    Anand Mishra (IISc Bangalore), Pouya Pezeshkpour (UC Irvine), Sameer Singh (UC Irvine), Partha Talukdar (IISc Bangalore and Kenome)
    Invited speakers: Xinlei Chen (Facebook), Jared Dunnmon (Stanford University), Xiang Ren (USC)
    Goal: bring together researchers interested in (a) combining knowledge bases with other modalities to showcase more effective downstream tasks, (b) improving completion and construction of knowledge bases from multiple modalities, and in general, to share state-of-the-art approaches, best practices, and future directions.

Afternoon: 1:30pm - 5pm

  • Neural and Symbolic Representation and Reasoning - Old Chapel, Great Hall
    Sebastian Riedel (UCL and Facebook), Ivan Titov (U Edinburgh), Rajarshi Das (UMass Amherst), Danqi Chen (Princeton), Jay Pujara (USC)
    Invited speakers: Matt Gardner (AI2), Tom Kwiatkowski (Google), Henry Lieberman (MIT), Sebastian Riedel (UCL/FAIR), Anna Rogers (UMass, Lowell)
    Goal: bring together researchers at the frontiers of symbolic and neural representation of knowledge, and build successful collaborations for neuro-symbolic methods

  • Federated KBs and the Open Knowledge Network - Integrated Learning Center (ILC) room S231
    Chaitan Baru (UCSD), Henry Kautz (Rochester/NSF), R. Guha (Google), Sam Klein (MIT and Harvard), Daniel Garijo (USC/ISI), Nicholas Monath (UMass)
    Invited speakers: Amuel J. Klein (MIT and Harvard), François Scharffe (Columbia University and The Data Chefs), Vicki Tardif (Google), Daniel Garijo (USC ISI)
    Goal: focus on the challenges in creating a semantic information infrastructure for powering the next generation of AI-enabled, “smart” applications in diverse domains

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to get with touch with Xiang (xiangren [at] or Partha (ppt [at]

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