May 20, Day 1

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8:159:00BreakfastLocation: Old Chapel
9:009:15Opening Remarks 
9:159:50Invited TalkYejin Choi: ATOMIC: An Atlas of Machine Commonsense for If-Then Reasoning
9:5010:25Invited TalkGuy van den Broeck: Towards Querying Probabilistic Knowledge Bases
10:2511:00Spotlights Session 1Spotlight Papers
11:2011:55Invited TalkWaleed Ammar: Taming the scientific literature: progress and challenges
11:5512:30Invited TalkDanqi Chen Hoifung Poon: Machine Reading for Precision Medicine
12:302:00LunchLocation: The Blue Wall, 1st floor of the Campus Center
2:002:35Invited TalkXiao Ling: Knowledge Base Construction at Siri
2:353:10Invited TalkAlexandra Meliou: Improving Knowledge Quality: Diagnosing Errors and Filling Gaps
3:103:45Spotlights Session 2Spotlight Papers
4:004:35Invited Talk 7Chris Welty: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in – The role of KR in AKBC
4:355:10Invited Talk 8Laura Dietz: Utilizing Knowledge Bases for Text Retrieval: A Wishlist
5:105:45Spotlights Session 3Spotlight Papers
6:008:30Posterswith light dinner finger food, Marriott Center, 11th floor Campus Center
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May 21, Day 2

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8:158:30BreakfastLocation: Old Chapel
8:309:05Invited TalkSebastian Riedel: The Deconstruction of Automated Knowledge Base Construction
9:059:40Invited TalkClaudia Wagner: Gathering Knowledge from User Generated Content
9:4010:15Invited TalkLise Getoor: Scalably Integrating Statistics and Semantics for Knowledge Graph Construction
10:3011:15Best Paper SessionBest Paper Awards
11:1511:50Invited TalkHoifung Poon Danqi Chen: How Good are Machine Reading Systems Today?
11:5012:00Closing remarks 
1:002:00Travel to HikeHiking Info
4:005:00Travel to Dinner 
5:008:30Drinks and DinnerLocation: Quonquot Farm, 9 North St, Whatley, MA
7:007:45Invited TalkFernando Pereira: Representation Learning and the Challenge of Reasoning
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May 22, Day 3


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