Submission Requirements

Submissions to AKBC 2019 limited to 15 pages of content, and may contain unlimited references. Appendices can be included beyond the references in the same PDF file, but may be ignored by the reviewers. Submissions significantly shorter than 15 pages will not be penalized for length.

We will follow a double-blind review process, and thus the submissions should not have any identifiable information about the authors. This includes not only the authors on the first page, but also any other information that betrays the identity, such as using first person pronouns when self-citing, URLs that include name of the authors/organization, etc. These restrictions apply to the appendices as well.

All submissions must be formatted with LaTeX using the following LaTeX source:

For submission, do not include the \finalcopy flag. Submissions with the default JAIR format will also be acceptable, as long as author identity is omitted.

Note that submissions will be made publicly available immediately after the submission deadline (see the review process for more details).

Submission Link:

(Submissions due November 16th, 2018, by midnight Pacific time)

Reviewing Process

We will be following an open reviewing paradigm that solicits public discussion of the reviews, and allows authors to submit revisions that address reviewer comments, before decisions are made.

Our expected timeline is:

  • November 16: Submissions due.
  • November 17- January 9th: Reviewing Stage.
    • Submissions are available online, no revisions allowed.
    • Reviewers and authors can submit comments anonymously.
    • Anyone else can comment in a non-anonymous manner (not visible to reviewers).
  • January 9th-February 10th: Rebuttal Stage.
    • Authors are allowed to submit revisions, and further discussion continues.
  • February 15th: Decisions and Meta-reviews available.

Please forward any questions about the reviewing process to