Waleed Ammar

AI2 | Taming the scientific literature: progress and challenges

Danqi Chen

Stanford, Princeton | TBA

Yejin Choi

UW, AI2 | ATOMIC: An Atlas of Machine Commonsense for If-Then Reasoning

Laura Dietz

UNH | Utilizing Knowledge Bases for Text Retrieval: A Wishlist

Lise Getoor

UCSC | Scalably Integrating Statistics and Semantics for Knowledge Graph Construction

Alexandra Meliou

UMass Amherst | Finding the Right Web Sources to Fill Knowledge Gaps

Fernando Pereira

Google | Representation Learning and the Challenge of Reasoning

Hoifung Poon

MSR | Machine Reading for Precision Medicine


Stanford, Apple | Snorkel: Beyond hand-labeled data

Sebastian Riedel

UCL, Facebook | The Deconstruction of Automated Knowledge Base Construction

Guy Van den Broeck

UCLA | Towards Querying Probabilistic Knowledge Bases

Claudia Wagner

Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences | Gender Bias and Sexism in Language

Chris Welty

Google | TBA
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