Call for Papers

We invite the submission of papers describing previously unpublished research, including new methodology, datasets, evaluations, surveys, reproduced results, negative results, and visionary positions.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural language processing, information extraction, extraction of entities, relations, and events, semantic parsing, coreference, machine reading, entailment, web mining, multilingual NLP.
  • Information integration, entity resolution, schema & ontology alignment, text and structure alignment, federated KBs, Semantic Web.
  • Machine learning, supervised, unsupervised, lightly-supervised and distantly-supervised learning, deep learning, symbolic learning, multimodal learning, embeddings of knowledge.
  • Search, question-answering, reasoning, knowledge base completion, queries on mixtures of structured and unstructured data; querying under uncertainty.
  • Multi-modal knowledge bases: structured data, text, images, video, audio.
  • Human-computer interaction, crowdsourcing, interactive learning.
  • Fairness, accountability, transparency, misinformation, multiple viewpoints, uncertainty.
  • Databases, probabilistic databases, distributed databases, database cleaning, scalable computation, distributed computation, dynamic data, online adaptation of knowledge.
  • Systems, languages and toolkits, demonstrations of existing knowledge bases.
  • Evaluation of AKBC, datasets, evaluation methodology.

Authors of accepted papers will have the option for their conference paper to be archival (with full text in AKBC Proceedings, and be considered for best paper awards) or non-archival (listed in AKBC Conference schedule, with full text in OpenReview, and the flexibility to also submit elsewhere). Double-blind reviewing will be performed on the OpenReview platform, with papers, reviews and comments publicly visible, much like ICLR 2018.

Papers should be submitted in JAIR format (which is single-column), restricted to 15 pages excluding references (the equivalent of about 8 pages double column). Submission site:

Dual Submission Policy: Submissions that are identical (or substantially similar) to versions that have been previously published, or accepted for publication, are not allowed and violate our dual submission policy. However, papers that cite previous related work by the authors and papers that have appeared on non-peered reviewed websites (like arXiv) or that have been presented at workshops (i.e., venues that do not have publication proceedings) do not violate the policy. The policy is enforced during the whole reviewing process period.

November 16, 2018, Friday: Conference paper submissions due (Midnight PST)

January 11, Friday: Workshop topics announced

February 15, 2019, Friday: Conference notification

May 20-21, 2019, Monday-Tuesday: Conference, UMass Amherst

May 22, 2019, Wednesday: Workshops, UMass Amherst